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The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 DVD Boxset
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   The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 DVD Boxset

Cast and Crew

Creator: Frank Darabont

Leading Role: Andrew Lincoln,Jon Bernthal,Sarah Wayne Callies,Laurie Holden,Jeffrey DeMunn,Steven Yeu

Summary of   The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 DVD Boxset

season 1

Rick escapes from the tank aided by Glenn, the voice he had heard over the radio. Rick and Glenn meet up with Glenn's friends, a scavenging team of survivors that is a subset of the larger group that includes Lori, Carl, and Shane. Glenn's friends inform him that Rick's shooting spree has brought their hideout in a department store to the attention of the walkers. Emotions run high in the group, particularly between a black man, T-Dog, and an unhinged racist, Merle Dixon, which leads Rick to handcuff Merle to a pipe on the store's roof. As the walkers attempt to break into the previously safe store, brief radio contact is made with Shane and Lori's group who, unaware of Rick's presence, decide they are unable to help. Rick and Glenn hatch an escape plan and ex ecute it by covering themselves in a "terminated" walker's blood and guts (to mask their scent as they move amongst the walkers), and making their way to a box truck. Glenn draws the walkers' attention away from the store by racing around in a Dodge Challenger and sounding its alarm. The group escapes the city, along with Glenn, leaving Merle chained to the pipe on the roof after T-Dog trips over a bag of tools and accidentally drops the handcuff key down a drain.

season 2

In a flashback to a time before the apocalypse, Shane tells Lori that Rick has been wounded from a highway shootout, and Lori in turn tells Carl. In the present, Carl has been accidentally shot by a hunter named Otis. Otis directs Rick, Shane, and Carl to the home of veterinarian Hershel Greene, who manages to remove one of six bullet fragments. One of Hershel's daughters, Maggie, is sent to Sophia's search party and returns with Lori to the Greene home. Rick gives blood to Carl while Otis and Shane go to the former FEMA aid station at a walker-infested high school to gather urgently needed medical supplies. Dale and T-Dog wait at the RV; Dale fears that T-Dog may have contracted an infection from his injury, and the two search for antibiotics. Shane and Otis find the necessary supplies at the FEMA aid station; however they are forced to barricade themselves in the school's entrance after walkers surround them.

Season 3

After several months on the road, the group finds the prison, fights off walkers to get inside, and try to make the prison into a safe fortress. Lori, thinking Rick hates her and fearful for her unborn child, confides in Hershel. Elsewhere, Michonne tends to a feverish Andrea as they seek safer refuge. Rick's group gets separated inside the prison. Hershel searches for Glenn and Maggie and gets bitten on the lower leg by a walker. In the prison cafeteria, Rick amputates the leg at the knee. Other prison survivors, trapped in the cafeteria and surviving on pantry food, hear the commotion and come to their location.

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