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Supernatural Season 8 DVD Box Set
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Supernatural Season 8 DVD Box Set

Cast and Crew

Creator: Eric Kripke

Leading Role: Jared Padalecki,Jensen Ackles,Jim Beaver,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Katie Cassidy,Lauren Cohan,Samantha Ferris,Nicki Aycox,Alona Tal,Samantha Smith

Summary of Supernatural Season 8 DVD Box Set

Season 8 starts a year later in Purgatory, Dean finally escapes with the help of a vampire named Benny. As part of their deal, Dean smuggles Benny's soul out of purgatory and resurrects him before they go their separate ways. Dean then travels to the safe house in Whitefish, Montana, where he meets up with Sam. When asked about Castiel, Dean simply states that "Cas didn't make it", implying that Castiel is dead. When asked about his life, Sam says he ditched his phones, gave up hunting, and is leading a normal life with a dog and a girlfriend. Checking Sam's old phones, Dean discovers that Kevin Tran escaped from Crowley and is now on the run.

The two track him down and learn that he had been kidnapped by Crowley to translate the Demon Word of God tablet. The writing on the Demon Tablet would allow Crowley to open all the gates of Hell, allowing all the demons of Hell out into the world. Additionally, the tablet contained a way to seal the Gates of Hell and banish all demons from the Earth forever. Using a spell, Kevin had managed to trick Crowley and escape with the tablet. Sam convinces Kevin that they should seal the Gates of Hell, however Crowley then shows up with Kevin's possessed girlfriend, Channing, and demands that Kevin come with him and return the tablet. Kevin and the Winchesters escape, but Crowley murders Channing in revenge. Later, Dean receives a call from Benny, who seems to be questioning life outside of purgatory. The two try to maintain some distance from each other, but Dean tells Benny he should call in an emergency.

Supernatural Season 8 Supernatural Season 8

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